Edge-Core Networking sm


  • Simple Gigabit
  • Smart Managed
  • Economical, Quality Solutions
  • Five-Year Warranty

titan networking


  • High Performance
  • Full Managed/Network Redundant
  • Simple Plug and Play Setup
  • Five-Year Warranty

hpe networking


  • Enterprise Networking
  • Network Redundant
  • Name Brand, Better Variety
  • Lifetime Warranty

Rigid Collage sm


  • Environmentally Hardened
  • 6 & 12 PoE+ Gigabit Ports
  • 40 to 167 degrees F
  • Five-Year Warranty


Video Surveillance Network Management

In networked video surveillance, tolerance to packet loss decreases dramatically as the camera resolution increases. The network bandwidth requirement increases substantially with the video traffic. BCDVideo products give an unprecedented level of reliability and flexibility. By offering products and high power output for any project, even the most demanding devices are supported.

With simple set-ups and full multi-cast switch solutions, troubleshooting video surveillance networking has become easier than ever. BCDVideo offers a wide-variety of products from essential, economical lines to full scale enterprise PoE network systems.