Entry-Level Video Recording Appliances

Reliable video data storage and management are crucial for any video surveillance system, even in smaller establishments with fewer than 50 appliances, like gas stations or retail stores. Entry-level security system appliances are the ideal solution for these organizations, allowing them to support their Internet Protocol (IP) cameras on a single network while seamlessly storing and retrieving their video data.

You can invest in security appliances for gas station owners and other small-scale surveillance projects at BCD. We offer purpose-built storage solutions equipped with the latest technologies for maximum return on investment (ROI) and minimal infrastructure complexity. 

Our Entry-Level Video Security Recording Appliances

Basic video surveillance recording devices collect audio and video data from IP cameras and transmit it to end-users through a computer network, allowing them to retrieve real-time or recorded surveillance video and audio. 

Our entry-level security appliances for retail stores and other smaller organizations come with up to 96 terabytes (TB) of storage and are equipped with Windows 10 Pro operating systems. 

Invest in Retail Security System Appliances From BCD Today

You can find top-quality entry-level video surveillance equipment appliances for your customers at BCD. More than 170,000 of our appliances are recording more than 3.5 million cameras worldwide, making us your industry experts.

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