Professional Video Recording Appliances

Video surveillance systems need powerful and dependable storage devices to ensure all critical video data is easily accessible to end-users. Professional video recording servers are the solution, supporting Internet Protocol (IP) security systems by managing all surveillance cameras in a single network. With these appliances, companies can store, retrieve and control their audio and video data effortlessly.

You can find high-quality professional video recording appliances for your customers at BCD. We focus on personal service and proactive response, providing security integrators with purpose-built video storage solutions to support their customers’ needs.

What Are Professional Video Recording Appliances?

Video recording appliances are video surveillance servers that obtain video and audio data from security systems by exchanging information with cameras and video encoders. Then, they transmit this data to the end-user via a computer network, allowing them to access both recorded and real-time surveillance footage and audio.

Security camera recording appliances boast an easily installable framework comprising a server, network switch, storage and workstation. These solutions benefit security integrators by allowing for quick and easy programming while providing end-users with significant cost savings by incorporating various components in a single device.

Our Intel® Xeon® Processing Video Recording Servers

Our professional video recording appliances are equipped with 16 terabyte (TB) SATA drives with 24/7 duty cycles, allowing users to store up to 416 TB of video data. They also leverage Windows 2019 operating systems and the latest Intel® Xeon® processors. With our professional video recording servers, you can achieve RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 protection and redundant power for maximum performance in any operating environment.

We carry video recording tower servers and rackmount servers with up to 26 bays. Our solutions are also available in single and double rack units (U), depending on your customers’ application needs.

When you invest in any of our professional recording appliances, you’ll get our reliable five-year, next-business-day, on-site Keep Your Hard Drives warranty for comprehensive protection.

Find Professional RAID 6-Supported Video Recording Appliances at BCD Today

If you want to take advantage of professional video recording servers with Intel® Xeon® processing, look no further than BCD. We’re more than just a hardware provider — we also help our customers fulfill their individualized needs by delivering white-glove service, 24/7 technical support and professional services. No matter the size of your surveillance system project, our experienced team is ready to take it on.

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