08Mar 2019

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – March 8th, 2019 – Revolutionizing how throughput is maximized in Milestone Systems video recorders, BCDVideo released today the BCDVideo Accelerator (BVA) equipped video recording servers for Milestone, which incorporate the company’s innovative accelerator technology and eliminates the need for extra storage solutions, including the costly and space-consuming 15,000rpm hard disk drives […]

07Mar 2019
Adapting Servers: Hyperconverged

Hyperconverged systems have been prevalent in the IT world for quite a while, but IT optimized hyperconverged hardware is not compatible with video. It is critical that security integrators and end-users have their needs met with a solution that is purpose-built for video. The BCDVideo Hyperconverged Infrastructure, powered by Scale Computing’s HC3 HyperCore software, leverages […]

01Mar 2019
Network Resiliency at the Hardware Level

While looking into multiple Video Management Systems (VMS), it reveals many options provide sustained operational status. Primary, secondary, and failover databases, redundant recording locations, as well as service failover helps to provide continuous uptime. The demand for high availability in physical security systems requires a highly available network to provide the highway so that video […]

01Mar 2019
Shortest Path Bridging for Video Surveillance

When deploying a network optimized for video surveillance, it is critical to consider the overall availability and performance of the network. With more deployments requiring always-on video, networks need to be designed to support the video data it needs to carry. There are a wide variety of options to provide a highly available network, but […]

01Mar 2019
Segmenting a Network for Video Surveillance

Designing an IP video surveillance network can be a complex task, with many issues that can occur when the network backbone supporting it is not built correctly. Performance and functionality of the system are often at the forefront of networking problems observed in the video surveillance industry, frequently relating back to the network architecture used. […]

01Mar 2019
Video Surveillance Networks and High Availability

In the video surveillance space, highly available solutions have become the new standard for any form of mission-critical deployment. It is now commonplace to see even mid-level solutions use features that use to be only for high-end hardware, including RAID 5/6 disk protection, redundant power, and the use of local and remote failover servers. What […]

01Mar 2019
Multicast and Unicast Networking in Video Surveillance

When looking to deploy an IP video surveillance optimized network, one of the critical aspects of the infrastructure to consider is a unicast or multicast-capable network. Unicast and multicast networks each have their use cases within the video surveillance industry and should be understood and considered when deploying a network. Unicast networking is straightforward and […]

26Feb 2019
Why Supply Chain Matters

One crucial item that is often overlooked by Security Integrators and end-users is why the supply chain matters. Tom Larson, Chief Technology Officer at BCDVideo says “supply chain issues impact customer satisfaction for integrators and end-users at all stages of an integrator’s job – at presale, during deployment, and for after-sale support.” All along the […]

21Feb 2019
PSA TEC 2019

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – February 21, 2019 – Representing BCDVideo at TEC 2019, the premier annual education and networking event for professional systems integrators in the security market; Darren Giacomini, Director of Advanced Systems Architecture; joins industry leaders from across the country in Denver, Colorado as a conference speaker this March.  Titled “How HCI Architecture is Disrupting […]