BCD A&E Security Specifiers Program

The BCD A&E Security Specifiers Program is designed exclusively to provide superior support to the consulting community with technical resources and collateral, and through ongoing education to demonstrate how our purpose-built video data infrastructure and appliances solve your clients’ security challenges.

Register for BCD’s A&E Security Specifiers Program

Registration for our program provides entry to our dedicated A&E portal, including 24/7 access to technical documentation and resources to educate and service your clients’ needs.

3 Reasons Why A&E’s Should Partner With BCD

1) Expert Project Guidance for Superior Service, Support and Success 

At BCD, we create custom-engineered IP video solutions, including holistic end-to-end network infrastructure, robust cyber protection, and design support.  With a dedicated A&E task force to assist across project consultation, design assistance and verification, we guarantee the precise and custom-tailored calculation and sizing of our appliances.

For consultants, this new program also takes liability off their shoulders. With expert project consultation, bandwidth storage calculations, and network architecture support—BCD’s new A&E Security Specifiers program empowers you tackle every future project with a full toolbox.

2) 24/7 Specification and Product Information Resources

BCD will work with the end-user to troubleshoot any implementation or warranty needs. On a more granular level, we’re also committed to making all our datasheets, A&E specifications, and product information available and continually up-to-date, in order to address the A&E pain point of copy/pasting outdated product specifications in their designs.

At BCD, we prioritize service, innovation and growth. Because of this, our technology is constantly evolving. With our A&E Security Specifiers program, where the content on our portal is always current—you won’t miss a beat.

3) Ongoing Education to Keep Consultants Knowledgeable and Competitive

The mission of establishing BCD’s A&E task force is to become trusted advisors to better support the security specifying community and to offer more support to our end user clients. We aim to ensure our consultants are equipped and empowered to be as knowledgeable and competitive in their own spheres as well. With our dedicated A&E resources, you can leverage video data infrastructure experts to provide educational materials on emerging technologies that impact growth and convergence, including virtualization, network infrastructure, and accelerated computing for AI.

Any time an end-user engages a specifier to assess the security needs of their building— whether to troubleshoot a question they have about architecture or system design, or to update their security solution — BCD’s A&E task force is here to help you tackle today, with the technology of tomorrow.

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