Professional Services

BCDVideo professional services team

BCDVideo offers professional services to our customers to ensure project success. Be it greenfield or expansion for an existing VMS installation, the BCDVideo professional services team stands ready to assist our customers in meeting critical project goals and deadlines.

SAN Provisioning

Reliable storing of recorded digital video, and the ability to retrieve this data at will is crucial to any VMS installation.

BCDVideo has gone to great lengths to certify highly available storage solutions, from leading storage vendors, for integration with many of today’s video surveillance applications. The BCDVideo Professional Services team are experts at the design and deployment of these solutions. Our team can configure and validate these solutions onsite, around storage requirements defined by the customer. Together, we can ensure that the recorded video is always accessible by the end-user.

Network Assessment

Video surveillance solutions of today require that the underlying network infrastructure is reliable. The BCDVideo, professional services team, is composed of highly skilled network engineers with a focus on the video surveillance industry. A thorough network analysis before a VMS deployment or expansion ensures that the installation process runs as intended. Network analysis post-VMS installation can help to identify issues and offer solutions that bring system functionality to its optimal state.

Network Design

Proper network design is a critical factor in successful video surveillance implementations. Choosing the correct networking hardware when planning for a new install, or integrating into an existing install, makes all the difference in meeting timelines defined by end-users. BCDVideo has partnerships with leading network technology vendors whose hardware is optimized for low latency digital video delivery. BCDVideo professional service team members have trained extensively in these networking products and can design solutions to meet any customer need.

Network Deploy / Provision

For customers that handle physical design and networking hardware decisions in house, BCDVideo offers configuration services for the networking hardware chosen. An end-user may require a specific switch vendor’s products to be installed for video surveillance, but lacks knowledge of specific protocols to make the system function as efficiently as possible. BCDVideo Professional Service team members are well-versed networking protocol theory and work closely with our customers to meet the needs of the end-user.

Development & Integration Services

Targeted custom solutions for specific and unique client needs
• Assessment and design
• Collaborative development
• SDK / API integration
• Database migration / integration
• Scripting
• Macros