VSS Pre-Engineered Appliances

Founded in October 2019, Video Storage Solutions (VSS) supplies pre-engineered video appliances exclusively through authorized security distributors. Distributors provide service and support for the security integrator. VSS partners with video management software companies to jointly create performance enhanced hardware solutions that maximize the capabilities found within their software.

Pre-engineered Appliances for Guaranteed Performance

All VSS appliances are pre-engineered and validated to withstand the taxing video data write load and handle the higher throughput demands of video storage. Our product engineering team has certified the bandwidth capabilities on each system. Our strategic partnerships with video management software and video analytics companies to jointly create performance-enhanced video appliances maximize the capabilities found within their software.

Our products run more cameras per unit than any other product on the market. We presently have BCD-certified systems that support Milestone, Avigilon, Digifort, and countless other software manufacturers.