FAQ – Products and Solutions

What VMS and video analytics softwares are compatible with BCD hardware?

BCD appliances are software-agnostic and have been validated for a wide range of solutions, including Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, Salient, and more. Check out our range of pre-validated solutions at bcdvideo.com/validated-analytics-solutions and bcdvideo.com/validated-vms-solutions/. If you don’t see the software you’re looking for listed, reach out to our team and we will test and validate it for you.

If an appliance doesn't meet my project specs, can it be customized to fit my business needs?

All BCD solutions are purpose-built, meaning we have the ability to add a GPU, change CPU, add a NIC and more to help you design the ideal solution for your project.

Are BCD appliances compatible with the cloud?

Yes! With Harmonize Bridge, powered by Tiger Technology, pre-installed on every server, all of our systems are cloud-ready.

Can BCD provide me a cloud solution if I don't need hardware?

Yes! We have great partnerships with Tiger Technology and Wasabi so we can provide you with a secure and reliable cloud-solution, even if you’re not purchasing BCD hardware at that time.

What type of architecture does BCD support?

BCD provides end-to-end solutions for every IP video data architecture type – centralized, decentralized, cloud and virtualization.

Does BCD only provide enterprise-level solutions?

No! Whether your project has 4 cameras or 4,000+, BCD is able to design solutions to fit any project needs. We provide entry-level and all-in-one solutions to help secure SMBs, and virtualized solutions that provide high-availability and reduced TCO for larger enterprise projects. No matter the size and scale, BCD has a solution for you.

How secure is my video data?

BCD’s appliances have undergone intensive penetration testing to identify any system vulnerabilities and have been certified by Security Pursuit as being cyber-hardened. Our facilities were also assessed by DQS Inc, who certified that BCD facilities are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Learn more about our secure facilities at bcdvideo.com/cybersecurity/

How can BCD proactively limit downtime within my video surveillance solution?

In addition to secure, automatic failover, BCD also provides tools designed to help you prevent downtime altogether – Harmonize RMM is a tool that connects every device in your system and allows you to monitor system health in a single-pane-of-glass management dashboard. With the ability to set custom telemetry and alarms that alert you via text message if a risk arises, you can proactively monitor your system and prevent failure from occurring.

What kind of disaster recovery can BCD provide if something fails in my system?

BCD offers on-premises and cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. We are proud to provide highly-available virtualized solutions that offer five 9’s of data durability as well as instant failover protection to ensure you never lose your critical data. Our cloud-based solutions provide Harmonize Bridge Disaster Recovery, which utilizes the cloud to back up your data and protect you from loss. We also offer Surveillance HA, which is an on-premises, zero-loss failover solution powered by Tiger Technology for Milestone XProtect solutions.