3 Storage Problems That BCD Solves for Integrators

Apr 14, 2021 | Blog

In the ever-evolving world of security technology, it might be easy to assume the “high-performing” security system caters to the hottest tech in the market—artificial intelligence, machine learning, ultra-high-definition surveillance cameras, so on. The reality is that any security solution looking to identify and stop threats effectively needs a best-in-class security system from end to end, meaning, importantly, exceptional IP video surveillance networking solutions on the backend.

Industry Trusted

BCD’s servers are a step (or two) above the rest for a few reasons. With 20 years as an industry leader, BCD’s solutions have 1.5x greater recording throughput than off-the-shelf IT-based systems. BCD has become a trusted international brand as a result of of these years of trust-building.

BCD guarantees their top-quality products are delivered alongside unparalleled product support. Following the average of 5 days it takes to test and ship a security solution, BCD’s product specialists and support teams are ready around the clock to ensure your solution performs at its best.

How BCD Solves Problems

For integrators and end-users looking to integrate a best-in-class security solution, explore these three common storage problems that BCD products are specially designed to solve.

1. High Storage Scalability

Outgrowing a storage investment in today’s technology landscape is a major concern for integrators and the end-users. With the drastic, ever-expanding growth in the datasphere and constantly increasing resolution standards, storage hardware can sometimes feel limiting. By choosing BCD’s purpose-built and scalable solutions, both parties can feel confident knowing that there is room to grow.

BCD’s Hybrid Hyperconverged Infrastructure (hHCI) enables customers to scale up computing power and scale out storage without having to pay for one to get the other. Using strategies like these, BCD is set to grow with you, whatever your storage needs.

2. Networking and Infrastructure Solution

Partnering with BCD means inheriting extensive video data expertise. Our technicians, engineers, and service professionals are available 24/7 to make sure your system is fully operational.

To ensure customers have everything they need, from start to finish, BCD offers an A&E Program that provides video data infrastructure education, assessments, and streamlined assistance to industry professionals building security systems for customers. On top of this, BCD’s ALE Provisioning Assistant Application and unparalleled warranty policies limit downtime.

3. Perfect-Fit Customization

For every single security environment, there is a purpose-designed IP video surveillance system. The only difficulty is figuring out what that is. With BCD’s single REVOLV hHCI solution, integrators can offer an easily scalable system with a small footprint, guaranteeing perfect-fit product customization. BCD always goes the extra mile to design computer- and hardware-specific products for clients to create a perfect, cost-effective fit that matches specific needs, such as storage, accessibility, bandwidth, and security calculations.

In an industry where precision and reliability are critical, we leave no room for guesswork. At BCD, our IP video servers, network switches, and storage arrays are built for efficiency, performance, and scalability. Data is our specialty, but security is our priority.