Hybrid Cloud Connectivity and the Future of Storage Infrastructure

Aug 10, 2021 | Blog

​The cloud has revolutionized the video storage industry. According to IDC, worldwide spending on cloud IT infrastructure is expected to reach $105.6 billion by 2024, accounting for 62.8 percent of total IT infrastructure spending. 

The popularity of local and remote data storage has been on the rise, in both private and public clouds, because of the easy access and clean workflow collaboration it allows between remote facilities with a shared dataset. These hybrid systems allow customers to integrate specialized services — such as artificial intelligence (AI), video rendering, data archival and long-term retention — without the need for on-premises builds. This makes hybrid models the premium option for deployments that intend to expand their systems’ size, which would require large capital expenditures. Hybrid cloud infrastructures, or storage systems that utilize both on-premises storage infrastructures as well as cloud servers, reduce costs, maximize return on investment (ROI) and offer operational flexibility to any security customer — all while keeping data accessible and secure.

Setting a New Standard

Global video data infrastructure leader BCD recently debuted its new Hybrid Cloud Connectivity offering, Harmonzie Bridge, in partnership with premier software developer Tiger Technology. Harmonize Bridge is purposed with providing security customers with a highway to connect their video management systems (VMS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), artificial intelligence and analytics to the cloud. BCD’s integrated solution also includes the option for cloud-based Disaster Recovery. Already known for its prowess in the security industry, this offering from BCD is poised to set a new standard in the video surveillance data storage industry for years to come.

The Future of Storage Infrastructure

This ease-of-use technology is now included within the full portfolio of BCDVideo appliances and as a no-charge download on all legacy BCD systems. This means that integrators can continue to provide end-users on-site hardware with the new, added capacity of cloud storage products, delivering customers more immediacy and flexibility than ever before.  Customers can endlessly customize their storage system, prioritizing cameras that require hot cloud storage and immediate insights, while also protecting devices that send footage directly to cold storage for long-term storage and analysis. Outfitted with Tiger Technology’s competitive software and BCD’s legacy of robust and reliable hardware, BCD’s Harmonize Bridge is built to deliver continuous data protection and dependable storage management.

With so many stakeholders in the security industry already migrating to hybrid cloud models, BCD’s move to incorporate cloud capabilities into their portfolio paves the way for integrators and end-users to follow. BCD continues to set the industry standard for integrating new technologies while offering an innovative and effective approach to solving security problems by always keeping an ear open to evolving customer needs.

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