Quality Video Streaming, Longer Retention

Dec 30, 2015 | Blog

Quality video streaming, longer retention time boosts performance for HD cameras in 2015

HD Security Cameras

With the introduction of 4K technology, video storage with longer retention time has become the need of the hour

How did the economy impact the security marketplace in 2015? In as much as security is more and more becoming a necessity, it would be difficult to gauge whether the economy had any direct effect other than at a budget level. With the introduction of 4K technology, video storage with longer retention time has become the need of the hour. Being a manufacturer of IP video storage solutions, BCDVideo has been able to work with security integrators and camera manufacturers from around the world.

Perhaps there was some slim-down in scope and size, but we certainly saw an upswing in new project installations. In 2015, we also saw much more scrutiny placed on the quality of the video stream at display level. The end customer is expecting pristine, non-pixelated imagery. The affordable technology within the newest-generation of PC’s and workstations from the CPU and graphics standpoint allow multiple views of high-definition camera activity.

Storage solutions for different sectors

We are seeing a push to longer retention times of video storage. This is coming through many forums and for numerous environments – state government and educational, correctional, healthcare, and corporate legal, to name a few. In many cases, the longer retention, of a longer part of it, needs to remain on premises in order to secure the data. While the cloud certainly will have a significant impact, the hybrid cloud will be more of a factor than ever, especially where the archival tape had been the standard.

Life has been very kind to BCDVideo. We get to work with the best of the best security integrators, video management system (VMS) and camera manufacturers every day. That is how we view our success, having those relationships.

The video storage market has been forecasted to be $42.6B by 2020; suffice to say, it’s a good time to be in this market. The use of video analytics has the greatest upside, as it likely is only realizing 5 to 10% of its potential now. It is the business intelligence software of the future.

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