Roundtable Discussion: Why You May Have Degraded Video Quality

Aug 29, 2019 | Blog

Excerpt from an article by Frank Pisciotta in Security System News:

With respect to video surveillance, as systems grow and evolve over the life of the system, organizations may experience degradation. Darren Giacomini of BCD has studied this issue extensively and concludes that in many cases, installers or others are simply putting too many devices on a VLAN which results in latency and other conflicts.

Degraded video quality has a finite number of potential root causes. In almost every case, degraded video quality is directly related to resource saturation. The resources on a surveillance network consist of IP cameras, network switches, network uplinks, viewing stations, database management and archivers. According to Giacomini, each of these resources share a common thread. And, at the basic level, each of those items are nothing more than a purpose-built computer with limited CPU, memory and network capacity. When any of these resources exceed their capacity, the quality of service delivered will degrade. The following are common resource depletions that can degrade video quality and require a much deeper dive, but are included here as a starting point [… ]

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