What Are Images And How Are They Used For Configuration?

Jan 7, 2020 | Blog

Images are compressed files that contain a duplicate of the operating system as well as software from a system that can be used to redeploy onto other systems.

Customers can either (1) log into a system remotely and change settings and customize it to their spec or (2) order a system that BCDVideo configures with the specific needs for the video surveillance project to ensure project success.

The image is then captured from the system using deployment software. Unless the project requirements indicate that the image needs to stay locked as configured with no updates or changes, we create a virtual machine copy of the system with the image.

Keeping each image on its own virtual machine allows us to instantly load the image and update or edit. This saves time over benching an actual system and deploying the image onto it, to then recapture it again after making the updates.

After the main image is created, BCDVideo then injects the drivers that will be necessary for it to run on varying systems. This keeps them from having a separate image for each system. They have current images and additional older images that are kept for support purposes. Many of these are actively maintained to keep up with current updates and drivers to always provide the best support possible.

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