What Does Purpose-Built for Video Mean?

Sep 10, 2020 | Blog

To do something with purpose is to do something with a goal in mind. In this vein, BCD International designs, validates, and builds hardware with a purpose: to have every project run 24/7 without interruption or downtime. Purpose-built for video means that every action we take is meant to enhance the performance of our systems. This includes servers, storage, and appliances when hosting video globally.

With each project, understanding the parameters is paramount in ensuring the design of the overall system, from cameras to storage. For design, understanding two components helps with BCD’s storage design: bandwidth and total storage in TB. These components are calculated by the selected software, camera size, recording frame rate, number of cameras, days of storage, recording percentage, and compression. Once calculated, the team can design a project-specific solution that is purpose-built. BCD also offers a free bandwidth and storage calculator tool for assistance. This feature automatically calculates both parameters for channel partners when designing a video surveillance system. This allows everyone involved in the process to understand the requirements for each system.

Building video data infrastructure solutions with a specific purpose in mind ensures that each system can withstand the storage and bandwidth capabilities necessary for a business to run successfully without interruption or downtime. At BCD, we know video surveillance systems are not one-size-fits-all solutions. In an industry where efficiency and accuracy are key, we leave no room for guesswork. With this in mind, BCD’s solutions are purpose-built to meet and exceed each project’s specifications.