Why Security Integrators Should Make 5-years Standard

Sep 18, 2018 | Blog

Security Integrators should be the first call if there is an issue – any issue – at the project site. Time spent analyzing the issue, and potentially repairing the system is usually non-billable, as there is likely a performance contract in place. Regardless of advanced and sometimes complex technology, customers expect quick fixes. Downtime not only creates potential liabilities, compliance delinquency but can significantly impact business revenue. This criticality puts even greater pressure on security integrators, who assume the risk, to be onerous and responsive.

For security professionals, in addition to the mandated requirements from companies, and government entities, there are also many benefits in investing in solutions that include a hardware warranty, ensuring that the manufacturer will cover all costs associated with any repair. Manufacturers typically offer advanced replacement part warranties, ranging from 1-to-3 years. This quick and easy approach may be cost-effective at the purchase point but actually does the exact opposite when considering the total cost of ownership.

Compare the risks and cost of an advanced replacement warranty to the peace of mind of being covered for 5-years. 

For example, BCDVideo products come standard with a 5-year, global, on-site, next business day warranty which includes the Keep Your Hard Drive (DMR) feature. As companies depreciate equipment, longer-term warranties make for an even better and more sound investment. For many companies, equipment typically depreciates over a three to five-year period. After the product passes the depreciation period, it is no longer considered worth repairing and can be used for replacement parts, if needed.

For security integrators, a warrantied product can provide considerable leverage as a value-add to the end-user and helps to ensure the customer is protected against future repairs.  Extended warranties can also help integrators run a better business. Let the manufacturer assume the risk; it’s zero cost to the integrator and less of a hit to their bottom line. No more non-billable truck rolls. Consider the opportunity cost of having the technician or system engineer work on the next project win, rather than having his time at the site swapping a hard drive.

BCDVideo’s Keep Your Hard Drive feature is more important than ever in a GDPR world. As new data recovery technologies become more sophisticated, confidential information stored on malfunctioning hard drives has never been more vulnerable to third-party exploitation. Typical warranties request failed hard drives be returned to the manufacturer during replacement. This feature allows the end-user to keep the hard drive, it never leaves the premise, while a new drive is shipped to replace it.

Warrantied equipment provides peace of mind to the end-user and integrator, knowing that if the product becomes defective, the hardware will be repaired or replaced at no cost. And THAT’S the bottom line.

In summary, the ideal warranty for video and access control systems would consist of the following, but not limited to:

  1. Zero cost of ownership to the end user for five years.
  2. No return merchandise authorization (RMA) in the repair process, minimizing downtime.
  3. The hard drive never leaves the customer’s premises (protecting sensitive data).