BCD Develops Harmonize VMware Plug-In for REVOLV

Oct 5, 2020 | News

Buffalo Grove, Ill. – BCD International today released its Harmonize Conductor VMware plugin, exclusively available on its REVOLV portfolio of Hybrid Hyperconverged Infrastructure (hHCI) products.

REVOLV is an innovative hHCI solution that reduces or even eliminates inefficiencies often presented by infrastructure in the video surveillance space: large hardware footprint, high power and cooling costs, multiple OS, and software systems, and limited resources dedicated to each server.

BCD’s REVOLV application offers an IT-ready solution for security integrators who need to scale to large volumes and want the ability to do so without reliance on infrastructure expertise.

The Harmonize Conductor for VMware is a full Genetec plug-in that displays the entire vSphere environment from within Security Center. Built on the Genetec SDK platform, the BCD Harmonize Conductor leverages many advantages found with Security Center such as creating entities, event-to-actions, and role fail-over. The BCD-developed application enhances the user experience by introducing Virtual Machine (VM) management while staying true to the Genetec platform.

Developed on a .NET 4.8 Technology Stack and vCenter API, version 6.7, Conductor utilizes the VMware APIs to integrate VMware services into Security Center. The plug-in creates virtual machines from templates, manages virtual machine properties, and displays virtual machine telemetry.

Administrators can define custom entities within the Config tool as well as health thresholds as deemed necessary. Conductor utilizes custom events as communication between client and server applications and hooks for operators to use within SC, or through other management options such as Genetec Mission Control.

The benefits to the system administrator include a “single pane of glass” system management. Administrators will have access to real-time vSphere analytics to monitor their system from anywhere, real-time vSphere events to keep the system synced and perform actions when needed, and the ability to create ad hoc virtual machines.

The Harmonize Conductor VMware plug-in comes standard on all REVOLV systems, which are available to the security integrator directly through BCD. All systems include on-site installation through BCD’s Professional Services program.

Harmonize Conductor monitoring screen in Security Center

Security Center Client displaying BCD’s Harmonize Conductor with cluster, host and virtual machine monitoring.

Harmonize Conductor in Security Center

Security Center Client displaying the BCD Harmonize Conductor monitoring screen with multiple VMs.