BCDVideo Announces Hybrid Cloud Connectivity with Tiger Technology

Feb 17, 2021 | News

Today, global video data infrastructure leader BCDVideo debuted its new Hybrid Cloud Connectivity offering in partnership with premier software developer Tiger Technology. Known for their work designing secure, high-performing data management solutions for companies across Enterprise IT, Surveillance, Media and Entertainment, and Small Medium Business (SMB)/Small Medium Enterprise (SME) markets, Tiger Technology’s software expertise pairs with BCD’s prowess in security to create this breakthrough program. This joint offering provides security customers with a highway to connect their video management systems (VMS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), artificial intelligence and analytics to the cloud.

All BCDVideo and Video Storage Solution (VSS) video appliances will include the Harmonize Bridge powered by Tiger Technology.  These cloud-ready appliances will begin rolling out as a standard feature on March 1, 2021. The BCD Harmonize Bridge offering is unique in that the integrator or the end-user can choose the cloud provider of their choice.

A partnership with Tiger Technology means BCD customers may seamlessly manage cloud storage and services, all while maintaining legacy applications and workflows. This distinctive offering enables customers to store data on-premises, as well as in private and/or public clouds. Customers can endlessly customize their storage system, prioritizing cameras that require hot cloud storage and immediate insights, while also protecting devices that send footage directly to cold storage for long-term storage and analysis.

The popularity of local and remote data storage has been on the rise, in both private and public clouds, because of the easy access and clean workflow collaboration it allows between remote facilities with a shared dataset. These hybrid systems allow customers to integrate specialized services — such as artificial intelligence (AI), video rendering, data archival and long-term retention — without the need for on-premises builds. This makes hybrid models the premium option for deployments that intend to expand their systems’ size, which would require large capital expenditures otherwise. Broadly, hybrid cloud infrastructures reduce costs, maximize return on investment (ROI) and offer operational flexibility to any security customer — all while keeping data accessible and secure.

As security software companies continue to expand their product portfolio, the cloud is always a topic of conversation. BCD’s cloud initiative offers a bridge through our Harmonize suite of software products, powered by Tiger Technology’s cloud bridge, to allow VMS companies to bridge archived and recorded data to the cloud offering of their choice, without having to write special integrations.

Jason Glover, Vice President of Sales

BCDVideo now offers this technology within its full portfolio of BCDVideo and VSS video appliances, as a download on all legacy BCD systems. This means that integrators can continue to provide on-site hardware with the new, added capacity of cloud storage products in order to give end-users more immediacy and flexibility than ever before.

Tiger Technology Executive Vice President Lance Kelson spoke to the strength of the partnership between the two companies, emphasizing the significance of their ability to bring hybrid cloud to any surveillance deployment throughout the world.

“We’ve been impressed with the forward-looking cloud strategy from the BCD team,” Kelson said. “For the first time, the questions and cost concerns of long retention periods, data durability and ease of use can be easily addressed. With cloud-enabled BCD hardware, give us two minutes, and we can connect you to any cloud.”

Outfitted with Tiger Technology’s competitive software and BCDVideo’s legacy of robust and reliable hardware, BCD’s Hybrid Cloud Connectivity is built to deliver continuous data protection and dependable storage management. All in all, this partnership guarantees security integrators and end-users a competitive advantage, as well as peace of mind.

For more information: cloud@bcdinc.com