Why Should Customers Choose BCD?

Mar 3, 2021 | News

Choosing the right provider for your security solutions can make all the difference in identifying and stopping threats effectively. The high importance that BCD places on the quality, support and compatibility of their surveillance products and services sets them apart from other manufacturers. Here are 5 key reasons that customers should partner with BCD: 

Proven Success:

For over 20 years as a trusted industry leader in on-premises video surveillance hardware, BCD International has installed over 150,000 systems, recording over 3 million cameras across 90 countries and 6 continents. This incredible scope of work is the result of the consistent, innovative strategy that enables BCD to meet current security needs and rapidly bring up-to-date solutions to market. Working with BCD entails not only superior security product offerings, but also a service relationship that far exceeds industry standards. BCD International is the only security industry manufacturer who guarantees its bandwidth and storage calculations.  

Certification with top VMS, Access Control, and Analytics vendors: 

Interoperability is essential to enabling a high-performing security system, especially as industry trends point to customers moving toward end-to-end solutions. BCD International tests and validates that its solutions integrate with the leading video management systems, access control and video analytics providers to ensure you can work with the vendor of your choice.  

Technological Superiority:

Exceptional product design and performance set BCD’s IP video surveillance, networking solutions, and industrial servers a step above the rest by enabling integrators and end users to have maximum system effectiveness. BCD solutions are characterized for having 1.5x greater recording throughput than off-the-shelf IT-based systems. This performance stems from deep video surveillance infrastructure knowledge that over two decades of experience brings. Additionally, choosing this renowned thought leader with over 100 published videos means that you’ll have extensive product education at your fingertips as well. 

Unparalleled Product Support:

In both shipping speed and distribution channels, BCD also leads the industry in offering top-quality solutions that can be tested and delivered rapidly, in as little as 3-5 days. This is monumental within the security industry, where it’s typical of competitors to take 8-10 weeks to move products to their end destinations. This enables the security channel to make real-time security investment decisions and count on BCD International to deliver the products they need as quickly as possible. 

Additionally, BCD has bolstered global manufacturing and shipping efficiency in 2021. With the opening of two new engineering and production centers across India and the Netherlandsit allows for more localized support and superior supply chain flow in different parts of the world. 

System Design Support:

For security specifiers, BCD offers its A&E Programwhich provides video data infrastructure education, assessments, and streamlined assistance to industry professionals designing security systems. BCD also ensures architects, engineers and integrators have adequate resources to make decisions with around-the-clock professional services and sales support that drive strong customer retention and growth.  

By choosing BCD as a solution provider, security customers gain extensive video data expertise and an unparalleled customer-first focus that will that solves problems and delivers higher performance, along with product scalability and durability.