3 Verticals That Benefit from BCD’s Storage Solutions

May 20, 2021 | Blog

For the past ten years (or so), we’ve watched the slow and steady transition away from analog and toward digital technologies in the video surveillance sphere and throughout the Technosphere at large. For us in the business of storage, this has meant finding efficient ways to straddle the gulf between the two.

However, the introduction of Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems of devices, the proliferation of AI-enabled tech, and the explosion of ultra-high-definition cameras has pushed us firmly into the digital age. Especially with today’s 8K cameras requiring 4.4TB of storage space per hour, and surveillance cameras and drones growing by approximately 16.2 percent annually for the past few years—the world needs a decisive leader in the video storage space. That leader is BCD.

Where You Can Find BCD

BCD has met the growth of emerging technologies and convergence head on, quickly establishing itself as the preferred manufacturer of video data infrastructure. Although BCD has more than 170,000 systems presently recording in 91 countries—three verticals are positioned to benefit from BCD’s storage solutions and services.


For federal buildings, state departments, and correctional facilities, robust video storage solutions are critical. These entities require extended retention times of up to 90 days—and in some cases up to 3 years for recorded video. They also require a system infrastructure that can support numerous high-definition recording devices.

For these sorts of facilities, BCD Storage Area Network (SAN) storage arrays are the optimal choice. Easy to scale and built to deliver unrivaled performance, these enterprise systems are made up of 18TB Enterprise SAS drives and can scale out to 4PB of raw storage. Specially built using redundant power, BCD SAN storage arrays are purpose-built to be reliable and high-performing systems that work hard, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

K-12 Schools

Unlike government partners, school districts are often focused on affordability and decentralized storage architectures that are both efficient and cost-effective. The Fort Wayne School District, for example, is made up of 65 schools and deploys thousands of cameras in total; however, smaller elementary schools may only deploy between three to four cameras each. As a result, every individual campus has unique storage requirements.

BCD’s entry-level servers and client workstations are an ideal option for smaller schools that require minimal edge hardware. They’re still built using BCD’s best-in-class, proprietary technology, as well as reliable NVIDIA® GPU options and high-performing Intel® Core™ processors; but they’re also made to be economical. This means you only pay for what you need—up to 32 GB per DDR4 RAM drive—with the ability to scale out if the deployment needs change.

Gaming and Hospitality

Casinos, cruises, and other hospitality users often deploy thousands of cameras throughout their properties. For these entities especially, having the right network infrastructure and server hardware is critical as they simply cannot afford to have downtime or lose video recordings.

For these enterprise-level partners, BCD provides professional consulting services to help walk customers through network design, assessment, provisioning, and integration. BCD also offers innovative options, depending on the size of the deployment, such as REVOLV, which is a hybrid hyperconverged infrastructure (hHCI) solution built to replace previously separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays, making it an easily scalable system with a smaller footprint, increased reliability, and lower total cost of ownership.