Reduce Risk With Guaranteed Bandwidth and Storage Calculations

Oct 3, 2018 | Blog

As the complexity of systems in the security market grows, it remains critical to ensure that your technology solution partners not only provide the best resources and smart tools but also guarantees on how the system will operate.

Demands for greater bandwidth and storage needs, along with end users who want to continuously swap out cameras as prices decrease and megapixel capacity increases, have placed increasing strain on systems integrators to get their bandwidth and storage calculations correct.

Part of the challenge is that cameras have higher density requirements than IT data. Cameras also write differently, with information arriving in large, dense blocks which places increasing demands and stress on bandwidth throughput and consumption.

For many, it’s often a guessing game to accurately calculate how much bandwidth and storage is required by the customer. What if a client wants to use an 8-megapixel camera to monitor a parking garage, record high-quality video and keep that video for 30 days? How does this impact the bandwidth required to ensure the video does not lag? And, what kind of storage capacity does the system need to have to maintain high-quality video for 30 days?

No other competitor will guarantee their build or assume the risk like BCDVideo. Our custom calculator accurately determines both the storage and bandwidth needs, whether the system needs 30 days, 60 days or six-months of video retention.

Total cost of ownership is critical to security system integrators who want risk assurances because they are responsible for the system installed for a customer for up to a five-year period. If the server fails, it’s the integrator’s responsibility to fix the problem and it’s on his dime. The same goes if the system cannot handle more cameras in the future as promised.

BCDVideo stands behind its Bandwidth and Storage Calculator, providing unprecedented guarantees in the security industry. Not only will BCDVideo guarantee its calculations, but its systems can run more cameras than any other server in the market, meaning less overall system cost. In addition, if the server chassis provided does not contain enough room for future expansion needs, BCDVideo will build a new server, ship it to the customer and cover the cost.

Today’s digital security world requires that manufacturers step up and provide greater guarantees on how the systems they design performs. BCDVideo does just that both through its commitment to the security systems integrator and by standing behind its products.