One Brand. One Name. One BCD.

Sep 29, 2021 | News

For more than 20 years, BCD has been a leading supplier of mission-critical high-availability infrastructure solutions. Now with more than 170,000 systems currently recording video from more than 3.5 million cameras in 91 countries, BCD delivers the most trusted and highest performing IP video solutions in the security industry.  

Through its renowned solutions from the BCDVideo and Video Storage Solutions (VSS) product lines, as well as through its attractive partner initiatives like the BCDOEM and A&E Security Specifiers programs, “BCD” has become the name customers associate with unparalleled expertise, proven performance and professional service. Across the industry, BCD has become synonymous with quality, premiere pre-and-post-sales support, IT hardware customization for video, and exceptional product shipping and delivery speed. BCD has proven its value time and time again and has become the trusted source for video data infrastructure solutions.   

Simplifying and Amplifying Our Brand  

BCD is focused on magnifying the impact of its brand to lead to further growth and success and is excited to announce that moving forward, all of its product offerings and programs will move under one name: BCD.  

By moving to one brand, BCD reasserts its position in the marketplace as the go-to leader, partner and advisor for all video storage needs. In effect, customers will be able to find a solution to address any and every surveillance storage infrastructure problem in one place, providing a better customer and partner experience.  

The company will continue to offer the following products, programs and services, which will be consolidated under the BCD name: 

BCDVideo Purpose-Built Appliances: Offering the best service guarantee in the industry, BCD’s direct-to-integrator product line will continue to promise peace of mind and ease of use. BCD partners with the world’s leading security integrators to implement security solutions certified and validated by the top video management software (VMS) companies and digital camera manufacturers. System integrators can continue to purchase BCD’s purpose-built video surveillance storage servers, access control and harsh environment servers, client viewing stations, Cloud-ready appliances and ALE networking switches. Customers can also utilize BCD’s professional on-site services team who assists customers in meeting critical project goals and deadlines. Learn more here.

Video Storage Solutions (VSS) Pre-engineered AppliancesPurposed with offering pre-engineered video appliances, validated for security, VSS appliances are available exclusively through authorized security distributors. VSS products include Cloud-ready appliances; Milestone XProtect® appliances; ready-built solutions for several VMS and camera manufacturers,  storage; and networking appliances. Learn more here.

REVOLV Hybrid Hyperconverged Infrastructure (hHCI): BCD’s REVOLV Hybrid Hyperconverged Infrastructure (hHCI) solution consolidates multiple workloads and provides a powerful option for companies that would like to independently increase or scale one virtual hardware system without increasing or scaling another. REVOLV is available in three models: DEEPSTOR® Lite, DEEPSTOR®, and DEEPSTOR®+. Each solution has the ability to be scaled to fit the specific needs of the project, particularly for verticals such as healthcare, gaming, transit and government where the video is critical. Learn more here.

OEM Program: BCDOEM is a program designed to help software manufacturers, including VMS, video analytics, and access control companies, grow their business by using BCD’s design services and extensive inventory of purpose-built video appliances and readily available technical support. With over 40 private-label customers, BCD’s dedicated team offers turnkey solutions for customers to sell through their channel partners. Learn more here.

A&E Security Specifiers Program: Supporting the consulting community is just as important as delivering reliable, high-performing products. BCD’s A&E Security Specifiers Program offers a dedicated support team and online portal, featuring a library of technical resources, education, and collateral to assist with guaranteed video data infrastructure product placement and design. Learn more here.

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