Mobile Security

Aug 23, 2017 | Blog, News

Body cameras and in-vehicle installations are quickly becoming the new norm in video surveillance. BCDVideo team members discuss how mobile security is used today and what challenges are still ahead.

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What Kind of Mobile Video Surveillance is Used Today?

There are multiple types of mobile surveillance being used. Predominantly body cams and vehicles such as boats, police cars, and buses.

What Makes Mobile Wireless Important?

Flexibility. Mobile wireless allows the end customer to put the camera in the middle of the action.

Have New Regulations Created Problems for Mobile Security?

There haven’t been any new regulations introduced in the last year that would inhibit more video from being pushed to the streets – whether it’s body cameras or city-wide. I think the general public has adapted and is okay with more video. They see it as a security blanket. Police have faster response times and take more bad people off the streets.

The Biggest Challenges with Mobile Solutions?

As more cameras are streamed back via cellular, we are going to impact large cellular networks such as Verizon and Sprint and take up large amounts of bandwidth. This could cause some problems for the cellular carriers on how to deal with streaming video.

Where is the Mobile Market Heading?

Over the next year or so, we will see that these types of video systems are integrated into open architecture systems or VMS. When that happens, you will see an explosion in the body camera market and the in-vehicle market.

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