Challenges in Cybersecurity

Sep 21, 2017 | Blog

Cybersecurity has been put in the spotlight as hacking techniques become more and more sophisticated and successful. BCDVideo’s team of experts discusses the unique challenges in cybersecurity integrators have when securing video systems and the importance of creating an open cybersecurity standard across all manufacturers.

Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges for Video Surveillance

The industry needs to do a better job securing the devices on these networks and securing the networks from a potential breach. The challenge we have with this is that our networks generally extend beyond the building or corporate walls.

That means cameras in parking lots and access control readers for external doors. Creating a cybersecurity standard and a way to lock down the networks is the largest challenge we have.

Should there be a Standard to Follow for Cybersecurity?

In this industry, that’s the only way to approach it. Our industry is an open standard meaning multiple manufacturers working together to create a solution for the end customers. Without a standard across all manufacturers, there’s going to be very limited success.

Where do you anticipate Cybersecurity Heading?

Cybersecurity is probably the number one discussion that’s being had between the integrators and the end users. Over the last five years, we’ve seen a lot of video deployed on these networks. IP video has brought a lot of benefits over analog but it does bring the potential problem of breaches.

It is being addressed. You will see standards and best practices. Everyone has a hardening guide on how to harden their products on the network. We still need a quality standard a manufacturer can adhere to and agree to.

Why are Cybersecurity Concerns Intensifying in Video Surveillance?

There have been many news stories about breaches or security cameras bringing down the Internet. This is very much at the forefront for the manufacturers and integrators. They all have a liability and want to limit is as much as possible.

How does Physical Security Play into Cybersecurity?

Every end user has to be looking at this. Just look at the cost of the Target breach on their business and the lawsuits that happened as a result of it. If they would have been able to harden the HVAC system’s connection to the network, Target would have never lost millions of dollars. Every end customer has to take it seriously.

Whether it’s locking down security cameras and ports that the security cameras ultimately connect to or locking down other ways into the network, it has to be addressed by the end customers.

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